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Original 35mm Film Print of the Pilot!

We recently acquired something quite amazing and of historical significance to the "Knight Rider" fan base - an original 35mm print of a portion of the "Knight Rider" Pilot!

In reality, this is only probably a few minutes of footage given the size of the reel, but we believe that this may actually be the raw footage - no music, no cuts, etc. And here's why we think that....

That's right - a slate marker! The slate is dated July 20, 1982 as you can see below:

It is quite hard to see the scene, and we've color corrected it as much as we can. Behind the slate is a front on shot of K.I.T.T. (the hero car, actually). You can make out the tow bar apparatus underneath the bumper.

The scene is when K.I.T.T. drives himself to break Michael out of jail, as seen in this screenshot below:

So, what does the rest of the reel look and sound like? You'll have to stay tuned while we find a way to digitize the 35mm print!

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